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Dr . Carr
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About Aging and Hormonal Health, Inc.
Aging and Hormonal Health was founded on the principle of identifying the physiologic changes associated with aging and disease in order to restore the body back to its optimal  level of functioning.

"I went to medical school because I was simply amazed at how the human body works in the optimal state, not to just study and treat disease. It was in my third year of medical school that I learned our "healthcare" system is really based on disease care.  Certainly we need to diagnose and treat illness, but my passion was more about how to restore the human body to its optimal level of functioning at any age."

It was during his tenure as Chairman of Emergency Services at Cleveland Clinic that Dr. Carr became more interested in pursuing his challenge of optimizing health and practicing true preventive healthcare.

"Every day in the ER I would see patients with hip fractures, heart attacks, strokes, and other serious events that occured not on that particular day, but rather as the result of years of neglect in identifying and treating these problems before they became life threatening diseases. Too often we wait for symptoms of a disease before we act, when in reality by the time we develop symptoms for most illnesses, it is too late - the disease process is 90% along its course. Unfortunately, our healthcare system primarly is  based on "if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Very little attention is given to truly identifying and treating little problems before they become big problems."

Dr Carr feels that even less attention is given to the problems associated with aging. "This is the first generation in human history that has the ability to offer truly biological solutions to aging.  Hormones universally decline with aging, and ours is the first generation that has many of these hormones available in bioidentical form to help restore aging tissues and organs. It's a great time to be alive!" 
A native of Rhode Island, Dr. Carr atttended the University of Miami for undergraduate and medical school.
He completed his residency at Cornell-Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital in 1990.  After completing his residency training, Dr. Carr became a member of Cleveland Clinic Florida where he served as Chairman of Emergency Services  as well as Medical Director of two air ambulance companies based in South Florida.
In 1998, Dr. Carr moved to the Charlotte area of North Carolina where he opened his first private practice with a focus on aging and hormone replacement therapy.
In 2006, Dr. Carr moved to Rancho Mirage, California where he resides today with his wife and four children.
Committed to helping our patients achieve their dreams through optimal health at any age.