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Dr Carr has designed a simple and more affordable 6 week HCG "Lite" diet for MEN AND WOMAN interested in losing weight in a short amount of time with significant savings over the full program. The "Lite" weight loss program consists of daily HCG injections, a limited calorie diet, oral supplementations, and for those who live in the area, a Body Fat analysis at the beginning and end of the program.* There is an initial consultation followed by a discussion of the results with Dr Carr at the end of the program.

Sign up today by clicking "Buy Now" in the upper right corner, and enjoy the holiday season knowing you are committed to a structured and proven program in January to get rid of the unwanted weight.

‚Äč*NOTE: You MUST be an active patient of Dr. Carr in order to participate in this program at this price. If you are not an active existing patient of Dr. Carr, there is an additional $125 initial consultation fee.
Call our office at 760 548-0413 to sign up for the HCG diet!